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Rimowa F13 _ Maiden Flight

We collaborated again with Philipp und Keuntje GmbH to create the second installment of the Rimowa F13 project

The film brings to life the history of Rimowa as a luggage brand as well as presenting their latest feat; re-creating the first F13 aircraft that is to once again, take to the skies. A year on from the Oshkosh event where the plan and plane was revealed to the gloabl audience, the plane finally is ready to take to teh skies again.

The film picks up where we left of in part 1. Set in the present we explore the feats of the plane before making our way onto the tarmac to eventually see the plane off into the skies. 

The 2016 Newspaper in a modern look

Like the first film, the purpose of this was to lead the ceremony in Zurich where the plane was revealed to a VIP audience. Unlike the first, this film explores in more detail the technical feats and means of the plane. The language propells us from teh 20s into the present. We create a montage of achievements that took place over the past 100 years to create this journey. 

Time travel: 1921-2016

Concept frames for the technial exploration

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