Creative Director

Rimowa F13 _ Oshkosh Announcement

My team and I collaborated with Philipp und Keuntje GmbH to create this blend of design, live-action and animation for Premium luggage manufacturer Rimowa.

The film brings to life the history of Rimowa as a luggage brand as well as presenting their latest feat; re-creating the first F13 aircraft that is to once again, take to the skies.

Title cards for the event in Oshkosh

We worked to showcase the pioneering spirit of aviation and its subsequent success, by tying together the evolution of Rimowa as a brand, with historical figures, heroes and daredevils of the early aviation era.

The team also worked on a series of hand crafted art deco sketches, drawings and patterns which utilised a custom designed typography and were brought to life through animation.

Initial style frames for the pitch

“Our initial concept frames were focused on the perfect blend of graphic and reality. We were very lucky to find a gorgeous location to shoot in, and in the final piece we elaborated a lot more on the beauty of the live-action footage.

The resulting film is a beautiful homage to aviation captured through the eyes of our protagonist pioneer, supported by rich vignettes illustrating the conception of the plane as well as the era that came with it.”

Chapter_1: Opening

Chapter_3: Dinner

Chapter_5: Entertainment

For the event in Oshkosh we also created the entire content for the night. The evening was cut into seven sections, which encompassed the walk-in, dinner, unveiling, music and fashion show. Above are a few of the images we created for this purpose. We decided to split each part into its own unique style. These ranged from photography (shot during the main shoot), illustrations and collages made from sourced stock material.

Agency: Philipp und Keuntje GmbH
Producer: Diana Scarfo 
Creative Director: Diether Kerner 
Creatives: Jan Gericke 
Production Coordinator: Laura Popiol

Production Company: Mill+
Director: Nils Kloth
Executive Producer: Josh Davies
Producer: Nicholas Canham 
Director of Photography: Chris Clarke 
Production Coordinator: Ben Burdock

VFX & Design: The Mill
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Producer: Alex Finch 
Shoot Supervisor: Peter Smith 
Creative Director: Nils Kloth

2D Lead Artist: Heather Goodenough
3D Lead Artist: Jessica Tan
2D Artists: Artur Margiv 
Matte Painting: Melanie Climent 
Motion Graphics: Kwok Fung Lam, Ivo Sousa, Jessica Tan, Paul Bloomfield
Design/Art Department: Alexandra Thursby-Pelham, Charles Bigeast, Aurelien Ronceray, Marie Tricart

Editor: David Toba Edit Assist: Hugo Vaughan-Hughes

Colourist: Seamus O'Kane
Copyright Nils Kloth, 2023