Design Director, Pipeline Architect

FC Krasnodar _ Stadium Graphics

Menu boards

Goal hero animation

We were approached in early 2016 by Russin agency Ruport to help them create an bring to life on screen graphics for the FC Krasnodar football stadium. The stadium at that point was still heavily under construction and access to the screen itself impossible. The screen itself is a world’s first seamless full 360º LED panel with a horizontal resolution of more than 36k pixels. We started work drafting our initial representation and battle plan to tackle this beast.

Over the course of the job we learned an impossible amount on large scale installations. To view and judge your work on the small screen is simply not feasible. Translating the design from a 4k screen to approximately 400m in length paved a challenge.

It is a shame to not be able to convey how this feels in res life. The thumbnails and films don’t do it justice when reduced to 70px in height.

Understanding the scale and limitations of the screen proved the first big hurdle, followed by the technical limitations and coordinating various pieces of equipment – all in russian. 

The highlight was the inauguration game between Russia and Costa Rica, in which we navigated and controlled the software during the live-match. Clockwork! 

Our initial concept work

Alternative concept frame

Above are some of the initial concept frames and further exploration below. In the end, the final piece was remarkibly minimal. Very reduced type and animations. Few colours and strong compositions.

Goal concept animation

Substitution concept animation

Player of the Match concept animation