Design Director, Pipeline Architect


Well, an epic undertaking that consumed most of our Summer. It all started out with a awful first pitch to eviivo which we left with a lingering feeling of disgrace. Fortunately, the 2nd round was much more successful and got us the job.

As part of a five film walkthrough-saga this one is the introduction viral. In order to introduce you to their business, it was decided to write a song and bring it to life. All revolving around our daily routine and the ever present dream of a better life in the country.
I directed this piece with the help of a great deal of very talented people such as Carl Addy and Douglas Bowden. Together we wrote the lyrics, Carl predominately also writing the initial tune, Douglas creating style frames.

It took three months to complete, with a great deal of pain and fun in between. It was a great pleasure to work with Michele and Mark from eviivo on this.

There are a rough 24 funny moments hidden in the film. Try and see whether you can spot them.

Directed for Mill+ 2014