Design Director, Pipeline Architect

D&AD _ 2013 Title Sequence

Collaborating with D&AD, BCMH and Pitch & Sync , Mill+’s Nils Kloth created the branded intro and outro to this year’s D&AD awards. He also created all idents introducing the categories, nominees and winners. All of the animations were projected over three screens at the Roundhouse in London.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle Meyers and the D&AD team, as well as BCMH who were responsible for this year’s campaign and print work. We adapted the print work and explored new directions and ways to bring it to life. We wanted the emotion of the words to be reflected in the animation, to do this we explored progressive music, ever changing colours and bold typography.

BCMH did a fantastic job on the print campaign and it was a pleasure adding to it from a motion angle.

A huge congratulations to everyone who won D&AD pencils on the night!

The clip features the intro, white & black pencil, president award and Most Awarded categories.

This version features the original sound I edited to which has been taken from the OFFF 2007 titles and was scored by HECQ. The sound which was used during the show was created by Pitch & Sync.