Design Director, Pipeline Architect

BT _ Infinity

A connected bunch at AMV, HSI and The Mill have teamed up once again with director Thomas Napper for BT ‘Infinity’ as part of the campaign ‘Light Stream’. The 40-second spot showcases BT’s smart offerings including highly efficient online gaming, shopping and download capability as well as their fibre optic broadband service.

Director Thomas, who is known for his instinctive feel for mood and atmosphere, was the perfect director for BT 'Infinity' with light streams used to highlight each household's connectivity, with beams bursting through homes across Britain, morphing as they met their required use.

Andy Nicholas, 3D Lead on the spot explains, "A 3D trail system was created in XSI and was used in each of the 4 different scenarios in the spot. It was used in the gaming sequence for the worm hole, explosions, and ship trails, as well as the BT energy wave that we see in the other shots. The versatility of the trail system helped to visually tie everything together and give it a unified look."

Aubrey Woodiwiss completed the grade keeping Thomas' effortless tone and smooth pace.

Agency: AMV
Producer: Tanya Hairman, Polly Lowles, Louise Richardson
Creative Director: Phil & Brian
Creatives: Richard & Gary

Production Company: HSI London
Director: Thomas Napper
Executive Producer: Simon Monhemius
Producer: Tom Whitehead

Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Mill Office: London
VFX Producer: Matt Williams
Shoot Supervisor: Nils Kloth & Andy Nicholas
2D Lead Artists: Pete Rypstra
3D Lead Artists: Andy Nicholas
2D Artists: Adam Watson, Dan Adams
3D Artists: Dan Yargici, Amaan Akram, Vincent Techer, Ciaran Moloney, Alexandre Belbari, Adam Darrah, Stuart Turnbull, Oscar Hoglund, Rachel Amar, Tom Bonnard Fonvillars, Guilherme Chagas, Natalie Rocks, Kwai Ip
Assist: Chris Scott, Scott Dawkins, Kirti Dave, Brad Woods
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss
After Effects: Nils Kloth