Design Director, Pipeline Architect

BBC World _ Rebrand

First theme: Microcosm

The BBC World team apporached us to look at rebranding their program in early 2016. We pitched three ideas out of which they chose the below option for us to produce. Alas, the project got cancelled just when we got underway. 

The concept is based on the idea of highlighting the link between the flagship documentary and the BBC in a simple and satisfying way. We used Gill Sans as a basis for this route, creating a clear link with the BBC. With it visually tied to the BBC brand we looked at other means to add to the Natural World identity. Taking the logo as a basis we build a habitat around its core featuring various animals, plants, landscape and atmosphere. This way It can be easily adapted for various themes, meeting different demands, making it unique and helping it to stand out whilst maintaining a clear identity that is very recognisable.

This version is not designed as a top and tail version. It is a classical title sequence that sits within the main programme.

A relaxed and friendly brand identity, which links back to it’s maker and producer, the BBC.

Second theme: Organism

Third theme: Spectrum

Above are two of the alternative ideas we created alongside the winning concept.

This latter concept is informed and inspired by the heritage of the first colour television service by the BBC – The World About Us. A programme which was literally delivering colour (TV) into the British living rooms for the first time and the pioneer of the Natural World journal.

While the logo itself is a homage to the past the backgrounds deliver a stark contrast and elevate the identity to a new, bold level. It links the idea of colour, beauty and diversity of species by using abstract colour compositions as a powerful contrast to the real footage featured in the documentary itself. We exploit the sometimes surreal faces of nature to create a unique stance on it.

A bold and exciting identity is created by strong and powerful backgrounds overlain with a calm and friendly “logo”. On a technical level the identity is a top and tail to the show with a separate slate provided for the individual episode title. Multiple versions of the opener will be available to customise each show according to it’s content.